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Can you run Google Ads in Dubai?

Google Ads is one of the best methods to gain quality traffic


Can I run Google Ads in Dubai?

Google Ads tops the list when it comes to choosing an online advertising platform. It is also the top choice for promoting any business in Dubai. Hence, this is why many companies are using it  to publish online advertisements. It helps them target specific  audiences in any region they want.


As a short answer, Yes you can. You can actually run Google Ads anywhere in the world to target whatever area you need. If you also choose to run the Ads from Dubai, you still have the option to target international visitors. Obviously, this all depends on the type of industry you're in and what are the products or services you offer.

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Almost all digital marketing services company in Dubai have ads in their services. But to make sure you get optimum results, aim for Google Ads agency in Dubai that is certified.A certified company will curate the perfect online advertising of your business. As they will aim to target your desired target group depending on the demographics you need. Of course, you need to check the credibility of the agency you choose for brand promotion. There's many factors that can help you determine and ensure the right selection.


What's the benefits of running Google Ads from Dubai?


1-Drive more targeted traffic to your business

Companies that provide online marketing services in Dubai depend on online advertising. They gain mileage from Google Adwords. With that, they generate qualified leads with higher chances of conversions. Some people argue that Ads are a cheat way to improve visitors rather than using SEO. SEO refers to search engine optimization that helps drive organic traffic.


However, the comparison between the two is wrong. Each one plays an effective role in the customer buying journey.To maximize your online marketing efforts, it is never enough to rely solely on SEO. Despite SEO being powerful in driving traffic to websites. It is also more effective in improving search rankings.  

Also, it is never enough to depend on Google ads alone. Benefits of Google Ads is that it ensures higher conversions. However, you can't do this on your own. You need to depend on an accredited Google Ads agency in Dubai. This is the only way to ensure that the campaign is effective and provides the desired returns.


The online marketing services in Dubai should show results by driving traffic with the intention of conversions.  


The two complement each other for the best digital marketing results a person can aim for.  So if you're in hunt for a google Ad company might as well look if they offer SEO. As a matter of fact, if you see the two services offered by a company, it is a big indicator that they are professional. So don't be afraid to snoop around their website.


After all, You need the best to give the best profit.


2-Advertising with a purpose


For a professional , it is not complicated to start an online advertising campaign. The specialists will have a consultation session with you to discuss many topics. This way, they will know the real purpose of this advertising campaign. With that being said, research before visiting the specialists so you know how to answer them.

As a starter, consider the economics of the ad campaign. Make sure that it suits your budget, and be clear about what you want to achieve from the campaign.


First, you must have a budget to run the campaign. Second you need to have an understanding of the ROI to help judge the effectiveness of the campaign. The returns should be good enough to recover the campaign costs and generate some profit. Second, you must set your advertising goals.

For instance here some potential advertising goals:

-improving sales

-expanding the customer base

-promoting the brand

-garnering more video views

-Better app downloads

-Driving more traffic to your website.

The advertising goal should have a direct link to your marketing goals.


3-Get the most from advertising


Clear vision is the key to a successful online campaign. To generate the ROI as envisaged before launching the campaign, you should be clear about the value you pass on to customers. Be sure about the competitive edge of your business. Also be sure of the benefits that customers can expect by engaging with your business.


The Google Ads agency will design and implement the campaign for you. Regardless of that, you're the business owner. So, you should remain associated with it and provide your input. As a business owner you need to have complete information about the target audience. You also must be aware of the kind of creatives and messages you want in the advertisements. Monitoring the campaign performance and ensuring that the landing pages are effective enough to drive conversions should help to drive the ads campaign in the right direction.


4-Choose the right type of ad campaign


You must have seen online advertisements. These ads appear at various places, such as display or banner ads. They usually appear  on the top of the search results page above the search results. Not only do the ads look different, but these have different impacts and costs besides serving diverse purposes.


Online advertising is a costly affair, and thus you should ensure that you put your money +in the right places. PPC or Pay per click advertising costs the most and has the best chances of conversions. If you have a supportive, well optimized landing page, the success rate would be higher. The landing page should visitors through a seamless buying process . It should be optimized in terms of SEO, UX and UI. 


These ads are especially suitable for driving more sales and, hence appear on the search results page that enjoys maximum visibility. There is no upfront cost of advertising, but you must pay every time someone clicks on the ads.

However, if your goal of advertising is to promote the brand and create more awareness about it, then choosing display and banner ads that cost less can work well for your needs.


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