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Hoardings Advertising in Dubai, UAE


Hoardings is a powerful and creative outdoor advertising medium because of its grandeur and size. Outdoor advertisements greatly influence consumers. The messages are seen clearly and vividly by the audience. Thus, constantly reminding the customers about the brand. 


The main advantage of hoarding advertisement is its size and placement, which people traveling outdoors for work or pleasure cannot miss. Also, hoardings offer exposure to a large audience that helps to establish strong brand awareness. 


Sweven Services is a specialized OOH advertising company that offers hoarding across UAE, including Dubai. It has media ownership at strategic locations, especially in Dubai. The USP of Sweven Services is its ability to cater to the client's exact requirement, keeping in mind the latest trends in OOH advertising.  


Why hoarding advertisements? 


Any brand advertised through outdoor media is more effective than television or print media because of its visibility to a massive audience. Hoardings placed at prime locations in Dubai get higher visibility for the brand and its services. Outdoor advertising always fetches higher ROI.


Another reason why higher ROI a brand should go for hoarding advertisements is that, as per statistics, consumers spend around 70% of their waking hours outside their homes on work, shopping, pleasure, or traveling. People spend more than 18 hours per week traveling in vehicles. 90% of these trips are in personal vehicles, and 60% of the trips are towards shopping, commuting to work, pleasure trips, or eating outside.  


The opportunity for OOH advertising is immense from the above statistics alone. The opportunity to engage with outdoor consumers is enormous. It strategically engages the audiences; most of them repeat engagements that leave a lasting influence on the travelers. 

When a hoarding advertisement complements other forms of media like print, online digital, and television, the impact is more because of better recall value leading to better brand awareness retention. 


Outdoor Media or Hoarding advertisements placed in prime locations of the city and highways provide 24 hours and 7days a week presence and visibility to on-foot and vehicular consumers. Another advantage is that, unlike other media, it cannot be switched or changed shut down. The traveling consumers have no choice but to engage with them regularly.


Sweven Services 


We at Sweven Services have our prime hoarding locations in various parts of Dubai. We have kept our services affordable to cater to businesses with different budgets. The monthly rents packages can effectively fetch better brand exposure. 

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