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Is Advertising on Facebook and Instagram worth it in 2022?

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Is Advertising on Facebook and Instagram worth it in 2022

Social media still dominates the internet space. The cost of social media video ads will rise by 20.1% to $24.35 billion in 2022. Instagram and Facebook are popular social networking platforms worldwide. By advertising and interacting with audiences on these platforms, marketers can cultivate loyal followers with the help of a top Facebook ads agency in Dubai. But the price of Facebook and Instagram advertising has gone up.


The following reasons contribute to growing social media advertising costs:


● Due to Apple's release of iOS 14, several Facebook targeting options are no longer available.

● Many advertisers are operating blindly, and what was previously effective is no longer effective.

● The epidemic should have cut advertising expenses, but instead, they have risen.

● There are several other unidentified factors contributing to increased CPM prices.


If you are new to advertising, you should consider running advertising on Facebook and Instagram for the following reasons:


● More than half of Instagram's 2 billion users might be accessed by advertising campaigns.

● Instagram Stories advertisements will bring in $15.95 billion globally.

● Facebook advertising still generates results more than others.  

● Facebook advertising continues to produce a significant portion of the outcomes.

● Over $50 billion is anticipated to be spent by advertisers on Facebook advertisements.

● Additionally, don't forget about Snapchat and TikTok advertising.


Social Media Content:


You may promote on Facebook using various ad formats, including videos, photos, carousels, slide shows, and links added to already published posts. Similar choices are available for Instagram. However, no in-caption links can be made clickable. You'll notice buttons that you may click to add links. It's customary on Facebook to interact with friends and family, and share relevant links and interesting and insightful posts. Instagram operates in a far more inventive way.


Facebook Ads Management:


Instagram and Facebook advertising services may be managed using Facebook's Ads Manager. Thanks to this one-stop-shop for advertising tools, marketers may select from different audiences and regions. Campaigns are easy to administer, and the outcomes are downloadable. Facebook's campaign manager offers a variety of choices for goals, ad settings, and advertisements. There are many combinations to experiment with and countless approaches to displaying all available ads.


The Instagram ad manager followed the concept of "less is more." You may link your advertisement to an existing post or story with only a few clicks.


Audience and Demography:


Of all the social media platforms, Facebook's demographics are the most diversified and haven't changed much over time. Many marketers will undoubtedly find at least some of their target consumers through Facebook. The younger demographics of Instagram have not changed over time either.


Facebook and Instagram work well together for businesses with a wide range of audience members. While the number of your followers will heavily influence the outcome, combining social media marketing efforts using Facebook and Instagram makes a lot of sense.


A little bit of luck, strategy, and analysis are all necessary for social media marketing success. Since consumers spend plenty of time on these platforms and aren't leaving anytime soon, online marketing services in Dubai may help you better understand your target market. 



Digital marketing agencies in Dubai are using new strategies to grow business in 2022. Pairing up with the top Facebook Advertising Agency in Dubai to gain from online marketing is feasible. As an expert ad agency in Dubailike Seven Services, uses contextual targeting techniques to bid for high-visibility ad placements and use managed placement techniques where ads are shown on particular web pages and apps for effective conversions. As a responsible PPC Advertising company in Dubaithey focus on clicks and delivering business results through high conversions.  

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