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Google Ads Agency in Dubai

About our Google Ads Agency

Sweven Services is a leading Google Ads Agency in Dubai, UAE empowering its customers with effective Ad campaigns. Our Google Ads management services are handled by our PPC specialists and experts in Google and Bing Ads. They have the expertise to give the best returns on your Ad spending and reach out to more audiences by appearing on top of Google's SERP. By doing this, they ensure our PPC campaigns align the landing page of your business website with the google ads.

Why should a business use Google Ads?

The top search engine in the world is Google today. The ads that appear on the top of the Google SERP have Click Through Rate (CTR) of around 7%-8% that means out of 100 people who view your ads, 7 -8 persons click on it. The pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google has a success rate of 50+% where an Ad on Television is only 1 % and is much more costly. Most people also cannot differentiate between paid and organic search results. With google display Ads have around 180 billion views a month, it is clear that PPC is the tool for getting immediate results.

Our PPC Management services

We at Sweven Services focus on ROI-focused conversions and Sales for your business. Our target ad campaigns ensure a better CTR on PPC than the industry benchmark of 7%- 8 %. In terms of performance, we are one of the Best Google Adwords Agencies in Dubai.

Google AdWords Services in Dubai

Google AdWords, also known as Google Ads, is more effective than many other advertising channels today. Considering the enormous reach of the digital platform, advertisers bid for the highest performing keywords that ensure a business Ad appears at the top of a search result. We use different types of Google Ads to maximize the conversions. The different types of ads comes aligned with our client's goals. Each Google Ad campaign is tailored with the following deliverables: Consultation with clients for PPC on appropriate digital platforms aligning with the brand and product. PPC landing page performance metrics Content design Keywords research Ad positioning and Bidding strategy.

Google Remarketing Ads

This kind of ad is a powerful and effective way to target erstwhile visitors to the business website. Google Remarketing is a powerful technique that enables targeting those people who had visited the website earlier. As an experienced google Adwords agency in Dubai, our team tags the past website visitors and add to the new target audience base. Then the ad is remarketed to the clubbed audience with lucrative deals and offers that will invoke a brand recall and a new purchase. So, are you ready to start your advertising campaign? Achieving a profitable campaign is time-consuming and challenging. Why not allow yourself to concentrate on your core business activities and hand over the digital marketing to Sweven Services, an Award-winning Digital Marketing Services in Dubai. Our expertise is towards taking a full-scale integrated strategy that gives results to your entire online marketing campaign.

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