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5 Tips to Effectively Use Digital Marketing for Your Ecommerce Business

A digital marketing services company in Dubai will use SEO organic traffic, backlinks, and lead generation, which can all be helpful for the business.


The online presence of e-commerce businesses is significant. This is because they represent the face of the company and is the only link with the consumers. So, digital marketing efforts must be up to the mark if the business activities are expected to grow. 

Several brands are competing in the same industry. Hundreds of websites are also trying to attract the attention of potential customers. This is why it's imperative that brands don't get lost in the crowd and struggle with search rankings. 

Top 5 digital marketing tips for E-commerce business

1-Use of social media 

Social media websites like Facebook Marketplace allow the selling of products. They may not be a direct sales channel for your E-commerce business. Still, it is significant to maintain a presence there because visitors can become brand followers. They can also share with others.

For E-commerce branding, it is important to have marketing campaigns on sites such as:

- Facebook




It is also important for a digital marketing services company in Dubai to use SEO. SEO helps improve organic traffic and lead generation, which is very helpful.

2-Pitch for Sales 

For a customer-facing company like E-commerce, it is imperative to ask for a sale pitch.

In digital marketing, the product page needs to have:

- the products available

-The products data: price, colors (if it's applicable), description and excellent graphics.

-Good navigational search bar

- Each product page must have a type of client reviews showing.

- For better organic rankings, it is best to have an SEO text for each page

-Banners if it's possible

-Well coded page


However, all this is useless if there is no clear call to action (CTA), and you will likely lose a potential customer. The customer may also be confused if there is no clear buy button. Visual clutters are also not preferred around it that they may lose sight of and move away. Make sure to hire a  graphic design agency dubai based. Don't worry about finding one as most marketing agencies offer graphic design services.

A digital marketing agency in Dubai will also recommend where every CTA (call to action) should be.


3-Enhance email marketing campaigns 

Despite varying views, a well-crafted email marketing campaign can be an effective technique. Welcome emails can strengthen the bond between the brand and its customers. Special discount offers can be useful for email subscribers. Also, providing information to the customer and prospects goes a long way in building a relationship rather than just bombarding them with sales pitches. Providing coupons and discounts is an excellent way to help e-commerce businesses grow. 


A creative digital marketing agency in Dubai will use surveys and feedback to know more about the consumer. Also about their views about the brand. Soliciting their comments and then taking remedial action helps to improve products and services. Another way to track the customer is to watch their wish list and take proactive steps.

Steps and action plan include:

- sending reminders




-personalized discounts (for a clients birthday). This enhances the individualized service.

-Personalized message on special occasions or holidays (birthday, valentine, new year, Eid, christmas..)

Basically any relevant information that converts a product to sale should be considered.

Buyers expect a unique shopping experience and individualized service. This is why you address the ongoing mail the customers by first name.  

5-Product evaluation 

E-commerce stores can increase their sales by including customers' reviews on their product listings on the website. By including reviews, stores have seen an 80% increase in sales. Also, this increased word-of-mouth advertisement is much more effective than all other forms of advertising. All this will help the E-commerce store to gain credibility in the eyes of the shoppers and visitors. 


With these strategies, online stores find better success in the long run. As visitors and customers get more comfortable with an E-commerce site with their navigation, purchase, checkout, payments, and deliveries, they start making larger purchases. It will also give a direction for promoting a business on other platforms with Ads. There are already competitor e-commerce stores placing ads on strategic platforms, which would help find ad space for a business.

6-Include SEO AND PPC 

As someone who wants to launch an online business, don’t forget about looking for a creative digital marketing agency in dubai that is also the best seo company in dubai. SEO is the concept of optimizing web pages to increase their rankings on the search engines results page. SEO is used to increase organic traffic and improve the organic visibility of your website. Of course, SEO alone is not enough. You need to consider launching a Google Ads campaign as well. 

To know if it’s possible to run Google Ads in Dubai , check our latest article: Can you run Google Ads in Dubai?


PPC, Google Ads and SEO work hand in hand to ensure that you get the best results possible. One is organic and the other is paid.



Ultimately, digital marketing services in Dubai can use a multi-prong strategy to sell their client businesses online. However, it is the appropriate technique to help an e-commerce company find its niche market and reach out to target customers. If one wants to grow their E-commerce business, it needs more than simply social media posting or pushing plain content. On needs a tailored SEO strategy from a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai to rank higher on Google because that is where all the search for a business is happening. Consumers now search on Google for any product, and unless the E-commerce stores are not visible, there will be no growth. 

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