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Will AI Replace Content Creation?

Wondering if AI can be used efficiently to make good quality content? Read our Article and discover the potential benefits of using Smart tools


Will AI replace content creation?


When contemplating the growing buzz about Artificial Intelligence (AI), the first thing that often comes to mind is robotic automation replacing human-level work. Such concerns are quite understandable. The much talked about subject at present is some occupations may be diminished by this new technology. However, there are different sets of ideas as people perceive things in their own ways.


Content creation is one such field where content gets the maximum importance. Whether it's research or report or marketing copy, or product information, the in-depth writing copy can never be replicated by AI. Hence, we can say that AI will not be a threat to content creator jobs. The leading search engine Google even considers AI-generated writing as spam as it is strictly against its stipulated guidelines.


Mckinsey conducted a two-year study and found that by 2030, robots and artificial intelligence could supplant up to 30% of the current global labor force. By then, it is estimated that up to 800 million jobs may be eliminated, leaving an estimated 375 million people requiring new skills and occupations.


A look at the use of Artificial Intelligence in content writing at present, one will observe that authors, bloggers, and reporters are relying on AI-assisted tools to hone their work, find errors, originate initial drafts, and dodge plagiarism. Certain tools are even able to craft relatable, concise content.


The latest AI software, such as ChatGPT's sudden surge in popularity has elicited a mix of excitement and trepidation from content producers. As AI technology continues to improve, is it conceivable that automated programs could supersede human authors? Further, could ChatGPT, potentially generate low-cost, high-value materials to enable businesses to flourish?


What is Chat GPT? 

Open AI has released ChatGPT, an AI chatbot powered by GPT-3, a series of state-of-the-art natural language processing models. In a mere three months since its launch, ChatGPT has gained incredible traction, becoming the fastest-growing consumer application of all time, with an estimated 100 million active users every month.


How Good is AI-generated Content?

Will the idea of The Matrix become a reality? Is it certain that robots will soon outrank us, leading to the ultimate downfall of humankind? Others believe that artificial intelligence will take over and fill the roles of human creators, composers, and performers. They foresee a future in which ChatGPT can successfully substitute for people.


Is the claim true? Can Artificial Intelligence-generated content be of high quality? Can it potentially generate content comparable to the best human writers? There was great anticipation for this novel tool, as is with any new technology. Anxiety arose concerning job security, given the potential for ChatGPT to generate content that would provide a cost-efficient alternative for businesses.


Will artificial intelligence take the place of human content creators shortly? 

Will AI take over our jobs? That is yet to be determined. Although ChatGPT may not be able to replicate the human performance, it is still an effective resource when creating outlines, chatbot dialogues, and website landing pages. 


Despite this, a large disparity exists between an AI producing a script for an advertisement and the actual human performing the ad.


The good part of AI


 AI-generated content can get rid of anything subpar automatically. Utilizing this tool helps us create quality work, and then the human touch can be added, making it stand apart from AI-generated content.

AI can efficiently carry out research, curate summaries, and put together sentences. However, its capability is not yet developed enough to join the dots between collection and presentation.

Business owners should think twice about using AI-driven writing tools to increase the speed of their content output if they care about Google's perception. 

While it is true that these technologies produce readable content, it falls far short of what can be achieved by hiring professional human content writers. AI-generated content has the potential to undercut your efforts, making them all for naught.


The bad part of AI 

Even though AI-generated content can work for certain applications, when it comes to creating superior-quality content, the human touch is indispensable. Before investing in an AI writing system or platform, it is significant to note that all content created must be edited to ensure proper sentence structure and understanding.


Despite AI's powerful capabilities, human writers will still continue to gain the upper hand. Hence, human writers will not become obsolete any time soon; due to the need for editing and verifying accuracy, human writers are necessary to ensure that what is written is meaningful and accurate.



Experts maintain that Artificial Intelligence will not replace human content creators soon, mainly because AI cannot utilize the creativity and imagination essential for personalization that a real person can provide. Additionally, AI can use existing information and is incapable to produce original concepts unless human beings supply it with fresh data.


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