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Why is affiliate marketing crucial in 2023?

Wondering If affiliate marketing is still relatable in 2023? Check here on why you still need to care about it


Why is affiliate marketing crucial in 2023?

As marketers become increasingly comfortable with the spurt in the social marketing activities, competition among affiliate networks is expected to rise exponentially. Therefore, it is imperative to remain apprised of the leading affiliate marketing trends. It will help you to gain a sense of the industry's direction. 

Awareness of recent trends or what's new in this forte can dramatically increase traffic to your brand.


Increasing Partnerships with Influencers 

With impressive audiences ranging from hundreds to millions, social influencers possess substantial organic reach on their websites and social media accounts. It is no longer necessary to await marketers' solicitation to participate in any affiliate program. Influencer marketing has boomed into a sixteen-billion-dollar industry worldwide, and according to experts, its progression will continue in the forthcoming year. 


  • Brands to tap Nano and Micro-Influencers more

Companies are looking ahead to 2023 when digital advertising and social marketing are showing high hopes and thus expected to reign supreme. As a result, companies specializing in branding services in Dubai are looking to put their faith on nano and micro-influencers. These small-scale online figures can access niche groups of potential customers and convert them into brand loyalty.


With nano-influencers having between 500 and 10,000 followers and micro-influencers having 10,000 to 25,000, tapping into these groups can be a great way to generate creative, original content for your brand. They belong to smaller circles, giving them more visibility and ensuring higher engagement, brand awareness, and loyalty toward promoted products or services.

For businesses aiming to take advantage of digital advertising and social media in the year 2023, nano- and micro-influencers offer a strategic advantage. This new crop of online influencers can access specific target audiences who may convert to dedicated consumers of the brand.


  • Looking beyond the cookies 

As the fall of cookies becomes more prevalent, more digital marketing services in Dubai wilutilize contextual targeting as an alternative ad technology. This form of marketing grants advertisers the opportunity to deliver customized sponsored content to the user's screen based on their interests and preferences. It helps marketers gain insight into user behavior by observing activity patterns on multiple devices and platforms. As a result, ads become more precise and relevant.


  • Increase in Cross-Device Tracking

In 2023, affiliate marketers must focus on optimizing for mobile customers. Recent studies show that 62% of smartphone owners have made at least one purchase using their device. This trend will continue to increase as consumers rely more and more on their phones for shopping. To capitalize on this, affiliate marketers should employ cross-device tracking techniques.

Cross-device tracking can be utilized to serve highly-targeted, relevant advertisements to potential customers. This tracking enables affiliates to track the customer's experience from start to finish and gain valuable insight into their thought process and behavior. Without this knowledge, it will be complicated to understand customers and capitalize on the opportunity mobile offers.


  • Improved Consumer Insights through In-App Monitoring

In the last year, mobile app users worldwide have grown immensely. It includes everything from free applications with in-app purchase capabilities to paid apps and subscriptions. Affiliate marketers must have an effective strategy to keep track of user activities and recognize any issues regarding customer acquisition and retention. This method of monitoring and attribution requires tracking every single step of the user's journey, starting from clicking on a link to making a conversion. By doing so, any points where customers are losing interest can be pinpointed and addressed.


Voice search is rapidly growing due to its convenience and ease of access. It has been incorporated into well-known voice-enabled assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Echo, Alexa, and Google Assistant. As such, affiliate marketers will need to focus on optimizing their content for voice search to reap the benefits in the long run.


  • Diversified Approach in Blog Link Building

Generating sales relies heavily on consistently providing quality visitors. And one of the most effective means of elevating sales is attaining top rankings on Google search results. Accomplishing this necessitates numerous premium backlinks.

Previously, it was common practice by even the best SEO agency in Dubai to prioritize the number of links rather than their quality. But to be successful, an equilibrium between the two must be reached. Hence, blogging is a fantastic tool for generating backlinks. Even though the traditional means of blogging still work, some modern difficulties still accompany this strategy.



Affiliate marketing has become a crucial aspect of online business for many years, and thus its significance can't be ignored. It still continues to be an essential tool for businesses in 2023. As e-commerce continues to boom worldwide and the market has become increasingly competitive, affiliate marketing offers a cost-effective and efficient way for companies to increase online visibility, drive traffic to their websites and boost sales.


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