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What Is the Difference between Outdoor and Indoor Digital Signage?

Businesses should call an Outdoor advertising agency in Dubai.

What Is the Difference between Outdoor and Indoor Digital Signage

Digital signage is an outstanding tool to attain effective marketing goals for companies; operating in Dubai or UAE. These digital marketing tools help businesses increase brand awareness by running promotional commercials. Market researcher projects that the digital signage market might rise to 30% or even more in the future. Hence, businesses should call an Outdoor advertising agency in Dubai to effectively promote their brands through digital signage today. 

However, there are some differences between the inside and outside signage displays that businesses ought to know about before investing. So, here are some distinctions that are most prominent within both types of digital signage: 

User interfaces

The interactive user interfaces offer significantly more opportunities for acquiring instant conversion and leads. Hence, it's more beneficial to have such interactive features for indoor signage than for outdoor ones. The customers indoors are already closer to the next phase of conversion. Hence, the interactivity will have more impact on these customers. 


The display for indoor signage has more high-resolution definitions since customers can look at them from proximity. Moreover, the brightness is also relatively low in such displays, just like any normal TV. On the contrary, the displays for OOH advertising in Dubai have higher brightness than the indoor signages. Furthermore, the signage displays for Outdoor marketing in Dubai are more rigid to withstand any weather conditions. Especially on sunny days, the brightness of such displays is at the highest level to make it more noticeable.


Digital signage cannot work without the support of a computer. The multimedia content that people get to see runs on the signage with the help of a high-quality computer. In that regard, the indoor signage has in-built computers-hardware allowing significant layers of software to play content on it. One can easily plug the indoor signage into a multimedia device to obtain content from it.

The hardware requirements are different for the signage regarding Outdoor marketing in UAE. Climbing poles or buildings to reach the signage and plug in the media storage device is not a convenient option. Thus, there is always an option for remote control and access to acquire content from the outdoor signage. Hence, an additional requirement for OOH advertising in Dubai is an extra layer of hardware that provides remote access.


Each digital sign must have a software interface of some form for users to push and play material onto it. For indoor signage, the software is easy to use and typically offers a variety of display options or themes. Each theme offers additional display customization options too. Additionally, remote management and modifications of various themes are available as well. 

The software for the signage as a part of Outdoor marketing in Dubai is quite similar to indoor signage. However, the primary catch is that there is an additional hardware layer that outdoor signage requires. It enables small panels to form a giant display, has an automatic control feature, and so on. Although for programming, this adds a little complexity to the software. Nevertheless, from a user's perspective, it is just another interface of a PC. 

Industry Outlook 

The emergence of digital signage is significantly dominating the digital marketing and brand promotions market. The flashy displays and colorful pictures seem more appealing to the eyes, allowing consumers to take an interest in it. Hence, promoting a brand through digital signage is a great idea in the contemporary age. 

Digital signage is dominating industries of all types to provide excellent communication and marketing channel for business. Digital signage is a long-term investment that can serve a long time and ensure a decent return on investment. 

More importantly, businesses looking for outdoor signage may hire an Outdoor advertising agency in Dubai at the earliest. Their expertise in the outdoor advertising field will help them obtain great results from campaigns on Outdoor marketing in UAE.   



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