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What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

When it comes to becoming a graphic designer there are different job opportunities and career paths a person can choose. But first you need to get your degree

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What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Graphic Designers are creative professionals who bring forth visual concepts to communicate different ideas, visions, and information according to the needs of their clients. They use design software to create compelling visuals that captivate and inspire their target audience. 

Graphic designing is a forte, and the growing prominence of this line of work gives testimony to their relentless efforts to create a better experience. Hence, Graphic Designers form an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. They are experts in their field of work and combine varied design features to develop and produce aesthetically pleasing layouts, logos, advertisements, packaging, reports, and more.  


Definition of a Graphic Designer 

Graphic Designers use diverse visual concepts to attract their client's interest through physical and digital designs. They create designs that typically include images, graphics, art, and other visual features. Graphic Designers primarily use digital software tools and digital skills to create thought-inspiring designs though they occasionally use their hands to create designs.


Graphic Designers usually have bachelor's degrees in communication or graphic design. They all come with different professional experiences, and many are known to be successful despite having no formal design training. 

There are several bachelor's and master's degree programs in graphic design, communication design, and digital media design. Additionally, many online certification courses teach skills in graphic design. These short-term certificate courses prove useful for established Graphic Designers who have no formal degrees or want to polish their skills by learning new graphic design software. 


Role of a Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers communicate to the audience through visual ideas and concepts. They create everything starting from billboards, posters, logos, packaging, and marketing materials. Graphic Designers use elements like colors, shapes, images, and typography, among others, to create and convey ideas. Graphic Designers work in-house, creating designs for a single brand. They can work in a digital marketing agency in UAE or as a freelancer where they can have clients of various categories. 

Graphic Designer's role depends on where they workGraphic Designers usually specialize in a specific area, such as print media or motion graphics. Their work includes selecting photos, and typefaces, designing logos, and developing layouts. 

Communication is imperative for Graphic Designers as they must develop designs that convey an intended message to consumers and clients. They also have to collaborate with programmers, other graphic designers, marketers, writers, and business analysts to create successful websites, products, and campaigns. 


Common Job Description for Graphic Designer 

Depending on their workplace and expertise, Graphic Designers have a range of responsibilities. They typically must meet art directors and clients to understand the design requirements. They present their ideas using graphic design software and combine text, illustrations, and images. They use feedback from clients and colleagues to update their subsequent drafts. 


The typical job responsibility of a Graphic Designer includes the following:

  • Creating design briefs as given by clients.
  • Based on clients' requirements, advise them on strategies to attract the target audience.
  • Use best design practices to illustrate and communicate the vision of clients. 
  • Create compelling designs using illustration, layout, and photo editing software. 
  • Select images, typography, colors, and layouts for websites, annual reports, magazine covers, books, signs, logos, social media posts, and advertisements. 
  • Prepare or draft concepts of art arrangement, layouts, font sizes, and style and submit for approval.
  • Make changes in designs after reviews and feedback from clients and other stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with art directors, clients, and team members, including sales, marketing, and business operations, during the various stages of the project and determine the deliverables.  
  • Use Digital Software to create artistic and decorative design layouts and graphic messages that communicate the client's brand messaging.  
  • Communicate final concepts and designs to the stakeholders for approval
  • Test the Graphic product across various media platforms  
  • Ensure the final output layout and graphics are visually attractive, aligned to the brand, and appealing to the target audience.  
  • Review and proofread to ensure final designs are error-free before publishing 
  • Keep up with the latest software tools, technologies, and design trends.


Graphic Designer's job opportunities 

So, what type of companies hire Graphic Designers? Since graphic design is part of marketing and branding, Graphic Designers have vast opportunities to work with companies in almost all sectors. Some of the industries that employ Graphic Designers include 


Corporate Branding

Organizations across different sectors require Graphic Designers to maintain and enhance their brands.



Advertising agencies and online marketing services dubai always have a team of Graphic Designers on their payrolls, each with a different area of expertise. Agency Graphic Designers create strategic and creative materials for their clients.


Video and Television production

Graphic designers with expertise in motion graphic design are in demand for television and video production jobs. These companies hire Graphic Designers who can create video clips, ads, title sequences, etc.


Software development

Graphic Designer demand is increasing as technology keeps evolving and growing as new technology continues to be developed.



Organizations in the manufacturing sector mainly require product packaging that is eye-catching to consumers and customers. They look for talented Graphic Designers who can add value to the products with aesthetic and attractive packaging. 



Career opportunities are excellent for Graphic Designers as we can see that industries across the spectrum require their services. Whether producing chemical goods or selling online courses, marketing and advertising are necessary. Without Graphic Designing, this business initiative will not succeed enough. Over the last decade, digital transformation has opened opportunities for Graphic Designers in various roles. They can be Package designers, a logo designer, Art Production managers, Visual Image Developers, Web Designers, and many more. 


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