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What are the latest meta restrictions for teen users?

Meta has announced that there will be new restrictions in terms of policies related to teen ads targeting.


The latest meta restrictions for teen users

What are the new restrictions?

As of this year, meta will be updating its policy regarding teens data privacy. 

Last month, meta held a summit where the topic was about youth safety and their well being. The summit was held in Washington DC in the United states of America. They invited experts in child safety to discuss ways to improve the current policies regarding teens using social media applications. 

More restrictions will be added for teen users and more rules are imposed on marketers that are looking to target this category in their ads.


The first restriction is the on ad targeting limits. Digital marketers no longer can choose the ‘interest’ and ‘activity’ as parameters for these teen audiences. Meta has confirmed to also remove the gender option to be able to target teens.

Another restriction that has been mentioned is that meta will also be removing the in-app engagement. This means that teen engagement metrics like follows on instagram or facebook pages can no longer be seen. 


According to Meta:“Age and location will be the only information about a teen that we’ll use to show them ads. Age and location help us continue to ensure teens see ads that are meant for their age and products and services available where they live.” 


These decisions will not allow you to use gender, activities and interest in specific. However, there are still an equivalent amount of younger audiences that would see Meta’s AI feature your ads to these audiences.

Actually, There’s already existing restrictions in place for teenage users. The current ones already limit the type of digital advertisements that teens can see. But with the new-add ons, meta is trying to lower the exposure to deals, promotional content on social media media platforms and most specifically Instagram and Facebook

With this being said, advertisers will lose  their ability to create and launch specific targeting campaigns.


Why Did meta make such a decision?


As per meta, these decisions were made after careful consideration and taking into account several factors. According to them, teens are not fit-out to make buying decisions like adults so targeting options should not be as open as the ones for adults..

Currently , all users and target groups have access to Meta’s Ad Preferences tool. The preference tool allows users to manage the type of promotions that are shown. Now, teenagers are given extra measures to control these promos.  

“Our Advertising Standards already prohibit ads about restricted topics - like alcohol, financial products and weight loss products and services - to be shown to people under 18 (and older in certain countries). But even when an ad complies with our policies, teens may want to see fewer ads like it. For example, if a teen wants to see fewer ads about a genre of TV show or an upcoming sports season, they should be able to tell us that.”


Adults have limited choices. They can only reject certain ad types. For example that would include gambling or alcohol. For teens, they can opt-out from any topic group.  


Our Intake on this

This new update will definitely have a major impact on many companies and brands. Especially the ones focused on teen audiences on facebook and Instagram. There will still be ways to reach this group tho but in a limited way. This will change some results and marketing strategies for sure, but it is without a doubt a good initiative on the part of meta to add more control restrictions on minors. 


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