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Social Media Marketing Trends and Strategies Look Out For in 2022

Social Media Marketing Trends and Strategies Look Out For in 2022

Social Media Marketing Trends and Strategies Look Out For in 2022

Social Media Marketing Trends and Strategies For 2022



Social Media is the next serious business channel for the next decade! Volatile, dynamic, uncertain are the few terms you can associate with 2020 and 2021 – pandemic shook the world in every viable way. The greatest progress continued in social media. Online platforms are not just for youth entertainment but provide improved opportunities to businesses. Learning from the past is the smartest way of reaching goals. You must comprehend that every social networking platform is unique and offers real-time feedback from users. Let us explore the social media marketing trends and strategies to look out for in 2022


Sweven Services is one of the finest creative digital marketing agency in Dubai envisages the 2022 trends of social media as discussed below: 


  • Trend #1: Meta (Facebook), Instagram, and YouTube will focus on swipe-up video format with extensive video shares. You can trigger the users with faster and more engaging videos that give access to showcase and explore newsfeeds.
  • Trend #2: Going online is not just for fun and entertainment, but E-commerce for serious business is the next trend. Instagram, TikTok, and Meta are elaborating the investment plans to venture into this direction. Cryptocurrency is also teaming with social medial groups to facilitate global reach to the smallest businesses.
  • Trend #3: TikTok and likes are the next BIG thing. Many smaller social media platforms like Pinterest and Snapchat are amplifying like Meta and Instagram to attract high disposable income. Trend #4: Influencers are still the main driving force in social media trends. Going forward, this trend will only increase, making them the deal makers or breakers of the retail industry. 
  • Trend #5: OTT (Netflix and Amazon Prime) is the king of entertainment and infotainment for the next decade. You can share short videos, series and launch movies over the likes of Netflix to reach globally.
  • Trend #6: The job market and online training do not restrict themselves to portals. LinkedIn and likes are exploiting the newest talents by offering the flexibility to work (from home, while studying, and while at other jobs). The platform renders online training and workshops for continuous skill development.


The best branding agency in Dubai is all geared up to match the market trends with much vigor and enthusiasm. As the current year and the coming decade will be for clients and customers. E-commerce aims at directing quicker services with a faster online medium that supports after-sales services to attract the potential market.

The top-notch social media advertising services are promoting the latest trends to cater the best real-time experience to the customers. Social networking is beyond likes, comments, and shares – customers and clients want more. A recent survey revealed that 24% of the TikTok users contribute to better economic growth, with a substantial increase of 700% of the business. 

Businesses must target the demographically based on the preferred social media platforms – this means understanding the needs of the market and matching it with the available medium. You must also consider increasing the investments in the content as content is king in social media. 


Figure out the right social media channel for the target market. Make the optimum utilization of the resources to conquer the market in 2022 and beyond. Whether you are looking for Facebook Advertising Dubai or more comprehensive social media marketing services, you can easily find these services with Sweven Services. The professional agencies provide strategic planning on their channel-specific campaigns. Moreover, from consulting to educating, account creation, and campaign management, Sweven offers the most crucial support to businesses.

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