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Marketing trends to watch out for in 2023

The digital marketing world is shifting. Every year new trends arise that we need to adapt to. Here are the Marketing trends you need to watch out for in 2023


Marketing trends you need to watch out for in 2023


Today’s trends have for sure changed the way we do marketing and in 2023, if you need to stay relevant , you must watch out for these marketing trends.

What to incorporate into your strategy this year?

This article explains the trending marketing tactics used in 2023 that are going to help businesses scale up and elevate their performance and visibility.

These trends are crucial and they need to be considered by all digital marketing experts. So, whether you are a beginning or an expert in the field of marketing, you need to check it out.


1. More video production

Video content was already an existing excellent medium used that allowed companies to curate and tell their stories. Today creating video content is more crucial than ever. In 2019 more people started interacting with video content which made Instagram introduce the Reels feature as an answer to it. The reel length was up to 15 seconds long. Last year in 2022, Instagram updated this feature by introducing more length options for the users. Now users have a choice of four lengths.

Brands are now also heavily investing and relying on Instagram, Youtube and TikTik to engage with their customers. This year is no different as well. Brands are keeping up with this strategy and increasing their collaborations with the top influencers in the industry on these platforms.

Live Streaming has also gained massive popularity last year. People were interested in behind the scenes cuts and wanted more raw unedited footage. Social media users admitted that these live streamed videos made them have more trust in the brand as they were seeing ‘the real deal’ behind the scenes activities.

Tips for video marketing : 

  • Increase your budget for video creations
  • Focus on short-form video formats 
  • Start Live streaming on at least one social media platform
  • Host webinars and live Q & As


2. In-Person is back to being cool 


Now that the pandemic is long gone, people are demanding more in-person events as they felt they lost real human connection during that time. At the end of 2022, businesses started re-launching events and seminars that were not online. The attendance rate was 50% more than they had originally anticipated. This trend is also expected to continue growing in 2023.

Keeping that in mind, you need to evaluate your strategy regarding leads generation by incorporating face-to-face activities and business gatherings.


Since face-to face events are back in trend here are out Tips for you:

  • Think about launching pop-up shops
  • Start prepping for a physical conference

3. Podcasting is a must

Reports have shown that last year almost 26% of company’s content creators opted for podcasts to engage and interact with their customers. Podcasts were not much focused on in the marketing industry but now you need to start thinking about creating content for podcasting. It must be engaging and personal so people feel connected to your brand. This way they are more encouraged to talk about it and share it on their socials and with their friends.   and dTwenty-six percent of content creators 

4.Gen Z is the new target audience

Gen Z are now the star in regards to social media dominance. For fact it is the dominant demography using social media. The top influencers in the world are also from the Gen Z generation. As a result, you need to upgrade your social media strategy. Content, branding and the layout needs to be a bit more fun than serious all the time. 

To appeal to Gen Z , it is not enough to only monitor their behavior and shopping patterns, you also need to understand their social conscience . Gen Z wants to see your stance on topics related to social issues. So, state your opinions on racial justice, equality between genders and climate change.


5. Add more Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is the use of interactive elements when communicating with the audience. This includes polls, games, gamification and quizzes. For that don’t hesitate to do some A/B testing. Check what marketing strategy is making customers interact more with you. 

Usually polls, quizzes are more suited and recommended for Instagram stories so take that into account. As for gamification, we are seeing it more often of a company’s website. Gamification could include wheel turning to see what offers or deals you are going to get : Samples, extra discount or free



6. This year is the year of consumer

To be clear, every single year is the year of the consumer in digital marketing. But even with that being said,  2023 is the time you take customer experience to an extreme level of seriousness. The behavior changed. People are becoming more and more demanding. They want a seamless experience with little room for mistakes, they also want to see positive business cultures, great and fast service. Today’s customer’s won’t hesitate to drop you even if they have been clients for years. The competition is increasing as well as the opportunities given to the client. They are becoming pickier by the day. This is your opportunity to focus more on implementing the omnichannel online-offline experience, to create better personalized experiences and to elevate your services.

Are your strategies implemented to match these 2023 marketing trends?

We know this might be stressful but if you're an agile, flexible and innovative company, nothing of these marketing trends should worry you. 2023 is all about building a deeper connection with your audience in a way that's informative, entertaining and fun. 

As long as you are driven and focused you will match your strategies with these marketing trends in no time.