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Is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Still Profitable in 2022?

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Is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Still Profitable in 2022

Like everything else, digital marketing is continuously evolving, and in 2022 the significant question is whether specific strategies are still applicable and profitable. For example, Pay-Per-Click or PPC has been around for some time, and one needs to take a fresh look at whether it is still relevant and effective today. 


PPC is an online advertising technique that allows traffic to get diverted to a web page or website. For this process, a digital marketer pays the publisher every time someone clicks on the ad. 


There are many benefits to this approach in the age where personalization and inbound marketing are prevalent. By having paid website traffic, a Google ads agency in Dubai is directing users interested in the brand or product to go to their website by clicking on the ad. 


PPC is not going anywhere, and branding services in Dubai are confident it will be online to stay in 2022 and beyond. It is one of the marketing techniques and can be balanced well with inbound marketing like content marketing. 


PPC industry statistics 

  1. Among all forms of Digital Marketing, PPC ranks highly, with 20% of the marketer claiming it provides the highest ROI. PPC drives 36% of the revenue of the retail business. 
  2. PPC drives 
  3. 46% of eCommerce business revenue 
  4. 75%  of users find it easier to see what they're looking for from search Ads


Strategies used by Digital Marketing Services in Dubai to help your business to grow in 2022


The social media market dynamics are evolving. Thus, there is plenty of scope on social media even today as more users are active on various platforms. To be effective, one has to pay because organic reach is pretty dismal on perhaps every platform.


PPC advertising has a proven track record as indicated in the statistics stated above, showing an average advertiser improves his ROI. However, the statistics do not say how easy or tough it is to ensure a good conversion. One has to be patient to make changes in the campaign to achieve a conversion rate that makes the bottom line profitable.


A PPC agency will use the following strategies to double the PPC conversion rate.

Use Headline hacks 

The headline remains the key because it creates the first impression on the viewer. They are the critical elements of a PPC ad to make an impression if written in a language familiar to users. 


The familiarity encourages a viewer to connect with the ad and click on them. Strong headlines work. The online marketing services Dubai will use a Headline analyzer to test and rework the headlines, thus making them effective for each PPC ad campaign.


Customize landing pages 

PPC Agency Dubai will typically run ads for different segments, which will ensure that the viewer lands on the right page after clicking on the Ad. A business will have many products and services. It is significant to land on the right page. This strategy is effective as it saves time for the users and addresses their needs immediately, resulting in increased conversions. 


Creating landing pages is only half the battle won. Optimizing the landing pages is equally crucial for conversions. If an ad is catchy with a strong set of keywords and headlines, but the conversion is not happening it means the landing pages need to be optimized.  


 A few key things need to be taken care of as discussed below


· The offer on the service or product on the webpage must be direct and clear.

· Reduce the webpage's visual clutter with the right colors, fonts, and layout.

· The page's language should match the ad's tone and language.


Mobile-only Ads 

People access the internet from their mobiles more these days. Nearly, 92% of internet users use mobile at some the time, and half of the web traffic is generated from mobiles. With mobile ads, the scope to reach a target-specific audience is more.   



As an expert google ads agency in Dubailike Seven Services, uses contextual targeting techniques to bid for high-visibility ad placements and use managed placement techniques where ads appear on particular web pages, mobile websites, apps, blogs, and games for effective conversions. As a responsible PPC Advertising company in Dubaithey will focus on clicks and delivering business results through high conversions.  

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