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Is billboard advertising worth the money?

Should I still consider billboard advertising?


Is billboard advertising worth the money?

Advertising is integral to any business, but the scale and impact vary according to the size and type of business, and the nature of the advertising campaign. For years, advertising has been connecting businesses with consumers, and the benefits are mutual. Staying true to the philosophy of online businesses, any digital marketing services company in Dubai chooses online advertising as the primary medium of engaging with consumers. However, large companies prefer using a hybrid advertising strategy comprising billboard advertising and online advertising to create the widest reach across the markets. 


Large companies spend millions of dollars on billboard advertising in Dubai to capture the attention of consumers which makes smaller companies believe in the power of such advertising. Small business owners feel that it is prudent to emulate the bigger companies spending on billboard advertising, assuming that this type of advertisement still works.


Billboard advertising is expensive


Billboard marketing is still popular for outdoor marketing in UAEbut it is costly and the reason why small businesses seldom feel like trying it out. Moreover, there is an eternal debate about the effectiveness of billboard advertising in the digital age. The cost of renting billboards depends on the location, and although it might be costlier than many other forms of advertising, it is cheaper than advertising on TV. However, the exposure gained by billboard ads and the impact of well-crafted ad campaigns is undeniably much higher than the other forms of advertising. 

To determine the effectiveness of billboard advertising launched by some advertisement companies specializing in branding services in Dubaiorganizations should examine the answers to some questions enumerated below.


Which types of businesses are most suitable for billboard advertising?



Besides the bigger companies with deep pockets, smaller businesses with a local perspective are the best candidates for billboard marketing. Businesses that have a general appeal to the people can take advantage of billboard marketing to draw the attention of consumers and build brand awareness. These include businesses such as real estate agents, dry cleaners, insurance providers, radio stations, doctors, restaurants, and more. 


Businesses that have a mass market stand to benefit the most from billboard advertising as the ads appeal to a larger section of people with high chances of turning viewers into customers. Even though all types of businesses can derive varied benefits from such advertising, niche businesses would take a longer time to get the results. 


Is building brand awareness your goal?


Billboard advertising is unbeatable in building brand awareness, and since it is the most cost-effective way of building brands, smaller businesses can take advantage. The specialty of billboard ads is their mass appeal, as it draws the attention of all people who view the message repeatedly on several occasions. The rate of exposure of billboard ads is much higher than internet ads and radio ads which means getting more views per dollar that justifies the investment. 


As viewers see the same message over many days, the repetition has a deep impact as the brand gradually sinks into their minds, even without them realizing it. Indeed, the extent of brand awareness might not proportionately translate into sales, but it does create a brand recall value. Whenever people see a similar product, they can instantly recall your brand. 


How can billboard ads trigger sales?


It’s good to focus on brand building, but unless the exercise translates into sales, the investment would go to waste. Indeed, you should not expect instant returns from billboard advertising. However, you must know the ways to ensure the right returns in the long run. 


As billboard ads are for everyone, it does away with the cost of researching potential customers which can be a significant sum that makes billboard advertising cost-effective. Moreover, well-drafted ad campaigns with some underlying call to action when displayed on billboards can trigger a spike in sales shortly. 


Of course, a lot depends on choosing the correct location for putting up billboards, usually closer to the business location, and pointing to it so that it can urge customers to visit the store. The benefit of billboard advertising is that it draws customers to your business instead of making great efforts to reach out to them. 


There is hardly anything more cost-effective than billboard ads when trying to display your brand message before a huge crowd of diverse people. Hoardings or billboards are here to stay as an effective marketing strategy. Whether it is about promoting a brand, or a campaign or any product offering, marketers believe billboards to reach a greater number of consumers. Today, digital billboards have replaced traditional hoardings and hence display digitally configured images that change every few seconds. These certainly attract attention and hence are used for advertising and brand or public awareness purposes.

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