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Here's Why Your Automotive Business Needs to Have a Successful Social Media Strategy

Here are some reasons for effective social media campaigns for the automotive business.

Here's Why Your Automotive Business Needs to Have a Successful Social Media Strategy

The Middle East is known for its highest spending on luxury vehicles, more than any other part of the world. The luxury car market is highly vibrant in Dubai in particular. The UAE luxury car market alone accounts for 17% of the total sales. 


Though the overall car sales have been seen in a slump, the Emiratis love their vehicles. The competition is fierce in the automotive market. Retailers are fighting it out to attract the attention of customers. Nowadays, online marketing campaigns are not only restricted to lifestyle and consumer durable goods only but also high-ticket items like cars. With decreasing profit margins due to offering freebies, accessories, and discounts, the automotive business is trying to cut operating costs and increase its reach to potential buyers. 


Here are some reasons for effective social media campaigns for the automotive business.


Getting noticed with digital marketing plans


Car manufacturers and dealers have traditionally used print and television media, outdoor advertising, and television to promote their vehicles. However, the evolving digital landscape has led almost all automotive brands to take the help of creative design agency Dubai and use this medium for marketing. 


Statistics say that most adults who are the target audience for cars follow social media networks. Every day more than 1 million active social media accounts are added across different platforms. 


The automotive brand stands to lose out on a large chunk of potential customers on social media if they do not use social media marketing. Visual content attracts more viewers and gets shared than any other content. These are good enough reasons to use a digital marketing agency in UAE for managing social media strategy. There are 1.5 billion monthly YouTube account users, which means the enormous potential to reach a massive online audience. 


Use inspiring images to get attention on the website and social networks

The appearance of a vehicle is the most important factor to a buyer. An inspiring and eye-catching design attracts the attention of the buyers. That can happen when the images get shared on social media. Cars images are shared the most by users online, especially on Instagram, where the affluent post about their car pictures, much to the envy and appreciation of their friends and followers. It does not mean that only wealthy car owners post on Instagram; the message is clear: a picture can tell thousands of words. 


Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai digital can create Instagram accounts and upload visual content that is informative and engaging for the vehicle buyers. The best time to show the USPs of vehicles to the users is when a new model hits the town. Sharing special offers with followers can help accelerate prospective buyers' intention to purchase the car.


People are buying cars online 

An increasing number of cars are being purchased online thanks to the interlinking of the automotive industry and social media. It is not surprising as car manufacturers are cutting distribution costs by reducing or discarding the dealer network. 


They deliver the vehicle straight from the factory; after completing the online sale transaction. This new trend is not only in Dubai but globally. Not only are the websites and nice apps of car brands that have become a platform for buying cars but also platforms like Facebook that have a marketplace where people can buy and sell cars. 


The rapid rate at which digital marketing and social media marketing are growing in Dubai can be gauged by the number of processing that takes place online. The automotive market is undergoing a revolution as it faces economy, supply chain, and surging costs, and shifting the sales process online is faster and cheaper for consumers. 





So how can online marketing services in Dubai help car manufacturers, distributors, and dealers help in marketing the vehicles? Digital marketing agencies like Sweven Services have experience and expert knowledge of the current marketing trends in industries. They employ effective digital marketing campaigns giving effective results, especially at the time of the launch of a new model. Also, in the medium to long term, yield and ROI on digital advertising will be more cost-effective for the automotive business, which is price sensitive sector with squeezing margins of late.  

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