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Google Ads & PPC Campaigns to Double your Conversions

The best way to increase conversions is to take the help of a digital marketing company that specializes in PPC Services in Dubai.

Google Ads & PPC Campaigns to Double your Conversions

Google Ads & PPC Campaigns to Double your Conversions`


The number one search engine on the internet today is Google. The ads that appear on the top of a Google search have a Click-through rate (CTR) of about 7 -8%. Thus, it means that for every 100 viewers, 7 to 8 persons click on the ad. PPC, i.e., Pay per click on Google, has a success rate of around 50%, which indicates about 3-4 people converting. So, how does one increase the PPC conversions?

The best way to increase conversions is to take the help of a digital marketing company that specializes in PPC Services in Dubai. These agencies focus on ROI-based conversions and sales for their clients. The agencies run effective Google Ad and PPC campaigns. The campaigns are well-strategized and targeted to double the industry average of 7 – 8 % CTR.  

The strategy used by Google AdWords Management Services in Dubai

Today, marketing is changing with social media. There is plenty to play on social media. Still, to be effective, one has to pay because organic reach is pretty dismal on perhaps every platform.

PPC marketing, though, has a proven track record with data showing an average advertiser doubles his ROI. But this does not mean that good conversion is easy. It takes months and years to tweak one's campaign to achieve a conversion rate that impacts the bottom line.

A PPC agency like Sweven Services will use the following strategies to double the PPC conversion rate.


Use Headline hacks 


Headline remains the key because it creates the first impression on the viewer. They are the primary elements of a PPC ad. Not only do they make an impression, but they should be written in a language spoken by the viewers. It encourages the viewer to click on the ad. Strong headlines works. The agency will use a Headline analyser to test and rework the headlines, thus making them effective for each PPC ad campaign.


Customize landing pages 


The Digital Marketing Services in Dubai runs ads for different segments, will ensure that the viewer lands on the right page after clicking on the Ad. A company may have diverse services and products. Hence, it is significant to land on the right page. Targeted landing increase conversions as they address a user's needs in the minimum time. This strategy has seen an increase in conversions. Creating landing pages is only half the battle won. Optimizing the landing pages is equally crucial for conversions. If the ads are good with catchy and strong headlines and keywords, still the conversion is not taking place means that the landing pages need to be optimized. A few key things are required.


1. The offer on the product or service on the page must be clear and direct—no beating about the bush.

2. Reduce the page's visual clutter with the proper use of colors for buttons.

3. The language on the page should match the tone and language of the ad.


Mobile-only Ads 

People access the internet from their mobiles more these days. Nearly 92% of internet users use mobile, and half of the web traffic generates from mobile advertisements. With mobile ads, the scope to reach a target-specific audience is more.   `


Use of SKAG 

The use of Single keywords groups allows to pair single key terms with specific ads creating targeted PPC campaigns. For example, suppose a company is selling Nike shoes and yoga pants, and kettlebells. In that case, if a user clicks on Nike shoes, only shoes will show up and not Kettlebells. This pairing helps to increases the relevancy of ads and increases conversion substantially. 


Expert google ads agency in Dubai use contextual targeting techniques to bid for high-visibility ad placements and use managed placement techniques where ads get placed on particular web pages, mobile websites, apps, blogs, games for effective conversions. As a responsible PPC Advertising in Dubai will focus not only on clicks but also on delivering business results through high conversions.  


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